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whisky with its golden colour, subtle warmth, and stimulating flavour has been the very elixir of the "Spirits" world since time began. The ancient Celts who brought the technique of distilling grains from the Indo-European melting pot of Mediterranean and Asian cultures by way of Egypt viewed the drink as the bringer and restorer of life itself. Now you can buy whisky online From its earliest days, whisky has been known for its curative and creative properties. It evolved into a unique cultural icon of the people who savoured it. It has charmed saints and tormented sinners. Each country, each distiller and blender, has made a distinct interpretation of this drink. Now you can buy whisky online Rumor has it that a Kentucky Baptist minister named Elijah Craig was the first to distill bourbon. Buy American whisky online click here:
The South has maintained its hold on this grog's lore to the extent that even its world-famous distilling neighbor, Jack Daniels, tips its hat to tradition and refrains from ever referring to its sour mash whisky as bourbon. buy kentucky bourbon whisky online click here
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If you're looking for Irish whisky, you're in luck. Visit our Special Spirit store for Saint Patrick's Day or for a larger choice, our Irish whisky Store.
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Canadian whisky dominance, and in particular Seagram's, can be attributed to prohibition. During this infamous dry period in US history, Canadian whisky literally poured down the hill into America's illicit speakeasies. Visit our Canadian whisky store.
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