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Scotch Whiskey is a distillate made in Scotland from the elements of cereals, water and yeast, all of which nature will in due course replace.
Blended Scotch Whiskey

A Blended Scotch Whiskey is a blend of a number of distillates each of which separately is entitled to the description "Scotch Whiskey". The period for which any blended Scotch Whiskey is regarded as having been matured is that of the most recently distilled of the spirits contained in the blend. Buy blended Scotch Whiskey.
Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
It is the product of a single distillery. Most distilleries produce Scotch Whiskey primarily for the purpose of blending, but many retain some of their production for sale as single whiskies. A
single malt whiskey is the product of one Malt Whiskey distillery and a single Grain Whiskey is the product of one Grain Whiskey distillery.

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Dewers Scotch Whiskey
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Dewers Scotch Whiskey
johnnie walker scotch whiskies
The heritage of
johnnie walker scotch whiskies dates to 1820 when John Walker opened a small shop in Kilmarnock in Scotland and began selling Scotch Whiskey. John Walker made a name for himself by mastering the art of blending single malt whiskies from distilleries all across Scotland to create a very high quality Whiskey, much better than each of the single malt Whiskey.
dewers scotch whiskey
In 1846, the first master blender employed a method of handcrafting
dewers scotch whiskey, creating John Dewar and Sons' most treasured blend. After carefully blending selected quality malt and grain whiskies (each of which was at least 12 years old), the master blender - When satisfied with his creation-would "marry" the resulting blend.

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