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Malt whisky (whether single coming from one distillery, or vatted multiple distilleries) can contain only malted barley. If there is even one millilitre of any other grain in the whisky, then it becomes a blend.
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Blends are made from a variety of grains barley, corn, maize, wheat and/or rye and are not limited by any particular proportions or mixture standards. Colour and other flavours are often added. buy blended whiskey. Blended American Whisky is a mixture of at least 20% 100-proof whiskey with neutral spirits or grain whiskey. Colour and other flavours are often added.
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Canadian blends are similar but have no restrictions on what types of grains are blended.
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Bourbons are the most popular type of whiskey in the United States and, by law, must contain 51% corn and be aged in a new charred oak barrel for at least four years. The speciality bourbons produced by micro-distilleries in the last few years are usually hand-crafted and proofed at higher than 80%.
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Irish Whiskies are triple-distilled and use barley malt as the principal ingredient. The filtering process uses coal rather than peat.
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Rye must contain at least 51% rye and cannot exceed 80% alcohol [160 proof] when distilled. It is usually matured in charred oak barrels for two years.
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Scotch Whisky differs from the Irish style in that it is filtered through peat and is single-distilled. It comes in the two types mentioned under Malt.
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Tennessee Whiskey is so distinctive that it actually has its own classification. Marked by two major distillers, Jack Daniels and George Dickel, the Tennessee style of whiskey uses a mash formula of barley, rye and corn.
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