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cabo wabo tequila -
Sammy Hagar created this bang-up tequila while off-stage in Guadalajara and ultimately brought it back to serve at his nightclub, Cabo Wabo, in Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico. Cabo Wabo tequila the genuine article, 100% weber blue agave, baked in wood-fired adobe ovens and double-pot distilled the old-fashioned way for a rich, soul-warming taste. There are four styles of tequila: Blanco (or silver), Gold, Reposado (rested), and Añejo (old). Cabo Wabo Blanco (silver) tequila is the original style. It is clear with little or no aging. It is usually bottled immediately after distillation. Blanco can be 100% agave or mixto; it is used primarily for mixing. Gold tequila is unaged blanco tequila, that has been colored or flavored with additives. The gold color does not come from aging, it comes typically from added caramel. Cabo Wabo reposado tequila (rested) tequila is aged in wooden casks for a period of at least 2 months, and no more than 11. Cabo Wabo añejo tequila (old) tequila is aged in wooden barrels (usually bourbon barrels) for a legal minimum of one year. Best quality añejos are 18 months to 3 years for mixtos, and up to 4 years for 100% agaves. It is generally agreed that tequilas aged over 4 or 5 years lose their sweet agave character, and begin to take on the characteristics of whisky. Buy Cabo Wabo tequila click here
cabo wabo tequila
Cabo Wabo Tequila

Cabo Wabo TequilaCabo Wabo Anejo Tequila
This tequila is incredibly smooth, with loads of flavors, and a terrific finish.

Patron Tequila ReposadoCabo Wabo Reposado Tequila
The Red Rocker's Reposado tequila has been barrel-aged in oak casks for 4 to 6 months. More aging means more flavor and a smoother style. The unique hand-blown Mexican blue glass bottles will be hard to throw away, even when they're empty.
Cabo Wabo Tequila SilverCabo Wabo Silver Tequila
Cabo Wabo Silver Tequila is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas. As in many premium red wines the blends must be adjusted for each vintage.

An essential ingredient in Sammy Hagars' Waborita:
Damiana liqueur
Click here to go to Sammy's web site and see a mpeg on making his waborita.

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