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When you say "spirits" what's the first thing that comes to your mind: Is it Whiskey? Is it Scotch? Maybe Bourbon? What about Rye? Possibly Single Malt, or Blended? Maybe your thinking about scary spirits like vik, the owner of Mission Liquors and Spirits. If your thoughts turned to any of the above, you would be correct for, in truth, all are whiskies (except Vik). And, while they all share common ground by being distilled, (except Vik) the methods of distilling and the grains and cereals used make them distinct and unique from one another. (except Vik)
While the alcohol content in wine, spirits and other drinks is usually expressed as a percentage by volume in Europe, the alcohol content of spirits is expressed as "proof" in some countries, including America. Fortunately, the conversion is quite simple: the proof number is simply double the percentage of alcohol by volume. Thus, "100 proof" spirits contains 50% alcohol
Buy whisky, single malt Scotch, brandy, cognac, wine, tequila, vodka, beer, cocktails, and all beverage alcohols from the convenience of your home. Choose from thousands of name brands and spirits. Mission liquor and spirits one stop shopping for your spirit needs (booooooooo)

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